About Us

At the beginning of the project are two collectors, two students but above all two friends, Mathis (21 years old) and Baptiste (22 years old).

Manga collectors in original version, artbooks or figurines, the rarest objects held no secrets for us.

Sharing our findings, generating a lot of feedback on social networks, made us realize that we could use our knowledge of the Japanese market to benefit a wide audience.

The idea of ​​creating JapanResell was born in 2021.

After fine-tuning our ideas, methods of importing, distributing, etc. the French company JapanResell was created on January 1, 2022 and has since tried to offer you the best of the Japanese market: pre-publication magazines, artbooks, temporary exhibition products and many more!

Today and for more than 1 year, hundreds of customers have trusted us with the intention of expanding or starting their collections of Japanese products from the Manga industry, sharing their acquisitions on social networks or by leaving a review about their shopping experience (https://judge.me/reviews/japanresell.fr).

The desire to start this project was born from two friends in their rooms.

This project continues where it started, always in parallel with our studies, by the same friends, out of pure passion.